♞ Online Chess Clubs

This is an online class for kids to practice playing chess in a friendly and mildly competitive environment. It is appropriate for both beginners who know how pieces move but need to learn strategies and experienced players looking to hone their skills.

Recommended for age 8-12. If you have an older learner, please contact me to explore scheduling options or join one of my Outschool classes.

I have been a chess coach for over a dozen years, beginning in public schools and then moving online in 2019. You can find my clubs both here and on Outschool. The Outschool class is best for those 13+, though I do offer an Outschool group for younger kids, but that class doesn’t use ChessKid.


Current Sessions:

  • I do not currently have any sessions scheduled. Please contact me on Outschool or via email (learnwithlinke {at} gmail [dot] com ) to inquire about scheduling classes.

Weekly Subscription ($10USD / approximately £8GBP )
You may cancel your subscription at any time or it will expire on May 28th, 2022.

Club Description

Whether kids are beginners or experienced players, they will have the opportunity to practice chess strategies, receive individualized guidance, and participate in small-scale chess tournaments.

Club meeting Zoom calls will last approximately 50 minutes. Chess games may continue on ChessKid after the call ends.

Timed tournaments will generally run using a 5+5 format (five minutes on the clock, with a 5 second bonus for each move), but we will occasionally vary the format with a rapid chess (1 or 3 minutes) or a fixed 10 minute clock. Tournaments are available during every club meeting.

Participants who prefer to focus on long-term strategy, or need a break from the intensity of tournament play, may play “slow chess” against me and one another. These games have no time limit, other than a requirement that both players take at least one move a week.

I will provide students with feedback and encouragement as they play games of chess against one another. All discussion of player growth will be kept positive and encouraging. As students learn, more advanced players will be grouped together, so as to help them improve while keeping less advanced players competitive.

Games may continue after class, using the ChessKid website or app. The more games your child completes on ChessKid, the more accurately the website will rank them, allowing me to pit more advanced students against one another so they continue to improve.

Students must use a free ChessKid account to participate in chess club tournaments and practice playing chess between meetings. The website works best on a desktop or laptop computer, but students may also play on a phone or tablet.
(Some Amazon Kindle brand tablets may not be able to join tournaments, but they should be fine for playing untimed chess games.)