I’m a writer, teacher, maker… and more.

I’ve been active on the internet since the late ’90s and trying to figure out how to make a living online since the mid-00s. Not the easiest thing for someone who can be painfully shy… but I’m getting better at being the same person in public as I am around my friends. For a short while I made a decent amount of money as a writer and appeared at regional sci-fi conventions as a guest author and panelist. In my early thirties I went through a lot of changes, like most hobbits do, and spent a year or two working out the details of my life.

Then, just when I thought I had things worked out, 2020 came along and threw a spanner in everyone’s lives. Thus far I’ve been privileged enough to dodge most of the effects of COVID-19, but life has still gone pair shaped.

Nowadays I am slowly returning to writing. I’m also launching a couple of web properties and building my independent teaching portfolio.

I will occasionally update my blog here when I feel like I have something meaningful to say. I’m not promising anything profound… but if I write anything that touches your heart or makes you think, feel free to send me a note on Twitter, The Fediverse, or my public Facebook page.