What about the novels? Didn’t you write a bunch of books?

That’s right. Back in 2010 I started writing adventure novels. Over the next eight years I wrote five adventure novels, three sci-fi novels, an unfinished literary fiction novel, several short stories, an RPG module, and numerous incomplete fantasy projects.

For a few years it even looked like I might be able to pull off a career as an indie writer.

Then something shifted. My Amazon sales cratered. People at conventions stopped buying armloads of indie books. It wasn’t even just me. Everyone I knew in the indie writing world was either seeing a similar drop-off or working their tail off to churn out dozens of romance or military action novels and, frankly, I was a little burned out. My last gasp of intense writing was an effort to write a sci-fi bio-thriller epic… which would probably have been great if I hadn’t just got exhausted part way through.

And around the same time I ended up with a couple kids, a WoW subscription, a repaired pottery studio, and an acceptance letter from a graduate program in English literature.

So here I am.


I’m still writing, but slowly. And more just things that I really love, or short works for friends and family.

You can find all of my old stories on Amazon still, and I’m working on uploading them to my pen name’s website.

So, where can I find your writing?

I now write fiction under the pen name Otto Linke. You can find my writing website here and my Amazon page here.

What about the sequel to Dyson’s Angel?

I’ve got about 1/5 of it written. Sometime soon I hope to post it to my Otto Linke website so readers can finally find out what happened when Zau/Heraxo jumped into the spire. Sorry for the long wait.