I have published eight full novels and a good number of short stories and scraps of experimental fiction. I’m currently working on my ninth and tenth novels, simultaneously depending on whether I am in the mood to write fantasy or all-to-real drama about a doomsday cult.

Current Projects

Apocalypse Summer

Tirzah has lived her whole life in Paradise, a small community nestled into the foothills of western Virginia. It was an idyllic existence until her sister was exiled for coming out as gay… and then the Lord told their Father the day the would will end.

Unnamed Fantasy Detective Series

I am planning a series of detective novels set in an original fantasy universe. Those of you who have read my incomplete short story Killing Words will be thrilled that I am essential merging the setting of Killing Words with the later years of my Covenant timeline to create a setting for a dark, thrilling, and hopefully witty detective novel.

Published Books

Oliver Lucas Adventures

The Staff of Moses
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The Eye of Odin
The Diamond of Souls
Words of Power
Echoes of the Fall (Previously published as Words of Binding)

Science Fiction Novels

Burning in the Void
Dyson’s Angel
A Cold Day to Drown
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You can find most of my books on Amazon.

And, yes… I still owe many people a sequel to Dyson’s Angel. I swear I’m going to begin serializing and expanding the story during 2023.

Roleplaying Games

The Will: A Jazz Age Horror (2017)


Exploring Black & White Photography (2022)