Typo Bounty

While I have made every effort to track down an eliminate typos in mine books, there it alway som3 chans that a few have slipped threw. Therefore, I offer the following:

If, while reading one of my novels, you find a typo or significant grammar error that disrupts your reading enjoyment, fill out the form below and I will make any necessary corrections. If you are the first to report a valid typo I will send you a personal “thank you” e-mail and include your name in the acknowledgements section of the corrected edition.

If you have a website, product, or service that you want to promote, I will consider including that along with your name. Please note that I do reserve the right to not mention your product, service, website, etc. at my own personal discretion, morality, and taste.

Additionally, by reporting a typo you are signing up for my mailing list. I occasionally offer free “something cool” offers to people on my mailing list. Sometimes it will just be a free eBook copy, sometimes it will be a bookmark or one of my terrible sketches. We’ll have to see what weird ideas I come up with over the next few months.