We’re Off a Boat

After sailing along the coast for several days, one night we set anchor in a peaceful cove along the shore at the edge of the Celtic lands. The land all about the cove was thrown up in a regular arc, much as the earth wrinkles and mounds around the impact site of a boulder, cast afield by an onager. The shore was rocky. The hillsides barren of vegetation. Only by hiking up to the ridge of the encompassing hill could we find any sign of plant of animal life. 1

As night fell, Chensuke πŸ‘Š , Fristuld 🍺 , and myself elected to remain aboard the ship along with half the crew, while the others of our party set camp on the shore. All seemed to be well at first, and I was satisfied in my decision to keep to my hammock rather than bedding down on hard rock, when the first signs of trouble arose. 2

Fristuld 🍺 raised the alert first: Something was moving in the water below the ship. Some odd glow, diffused through the rippling liquid.

He then leapt from the boat, seemingly making for land, only to land in the midst of a vile, gelatinous creature of the deeps. Fristuld 🍺 let loose a pained cry as the creature’s acidic flesh burned at his legs, the sound of which compelled me to leap from the boat as well. I leapt and pulled my first mate from the clutches of the monster and up onto shore, where we should have been safe. Β 3

In his thirst for vengeance, Fristuld 🍺 loosed an arrow at the beast, which responded by striking back at us with its acid-drenched tentacles. We managed to scurry away, driven from the monster like mice before a broom, but at the last instant I was struck in the back and downed by the beast.

It’s been a few months since this session. I forgot that Chensuke πŸ‘Š (and others) nearly burned the boat and created clouds of burning acid in an attempt to kill the ooze.

I was of little use in the ensuing fight. 4 Baird proved himself a worthy companion at last in saving my life, but so weakened was I by acid that I could do little but sit at the ridge of the hill, calling out advice to my companions as they battled the monster. Several of them were felled as well before Chensuke πŸ‘Š , in an act of equal parts bravery and foolhardiness, leapt from the mast of my longboat with magical energy blazing from his fists and plunged into the heart of the beast as it attempted to consume the ship.

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  1. Z told us afterward that this was supposed to be an impact crater and the beast a sort of Lovecraftian alien passenger… sort of. As always, we just rolled poorly on the random encounter table and made some bad choices in the ensuing confrontation.
  2. It’s been a few months since this event, so who started the fight is a little cloudy… but it was the result of bad choices all around.
  3. Some blamed me for the fight. I might have been egging J on to play his character with enthusiasm, but didn’t intend to actually cause this…
  4. It’s true. I think my character got knocked down at least twice and went into the negatives once. Finally I just moved him to the side and started berating the party (in and out of character) to end the fight ASAP.