A Peaceful Interlude

Following the utterly dull 1 events in Britain, it came as a relief to enter the mouth of the Seine river and begin our journey through mainland Europe.

We could not, of course, travel through Roman occupied territory without some subversion. Stopping at the mouth of the Seine, we utilized forged travel documents (crafted with care by Amadi 🗡 ) to pass through the Roman blockade, carrying a load of fertilizer as both cover and a potentially profitable cargo. We also picked up a new member of our party, 2 a man from the farthest southern reaches of Africa who spoke little and refused to reveal his name, but made clear his willingness to pay handsomely for the right to travel with the party.

The journey was uneventful for many days 3 until we reached the vase estate of the Roman governor, Quintus. 4 Uncharacteristically, the passengers of my ship elected to negotiate, rather than advocating an attack upon Quintus’s estate. 5

Nameless 🦔 spent much of the visit in whispered negotiations with the horses and other animals on Quintus’s estate, while the rest of us entered into negotiations with Quintus for access to powerful magical items. He readily agreed to provide these items to us, in exchange for us traveling to Egypt (where we are going anyway) and retrieving some specially smelted magical glass. Altogether, the entire visit was pleasing and successful. 6

Following our visit with Quintus, we made exceptionally good time up the river 7, passing through several impressively constructed locks and portages before finally reaching the Mediterranean. Certainly, the remainder of our journey will be just as productive and peaceful.8 Perhaps the Nameless 🦔 passenger has brought us good luck. 9

Apologies for assigning Nameless 🦔 a hedgehog emoji. There doesn’t appear to be one of a badger. 

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  1. Burning down the town. Nearly dying to a nature spirit. Running from town before we were arrested for breaking into the customs house. You know, boring things.
  2. S brought another friend to the game, this time a fellow engineering student named A.
  3. This is actually true
  4. Well, mostly quiet… for a certain reason….
  5. T was not at this session, so Biard 🐈 didn’t push for killing all Romans. J had returned home, so Fristuld 🍺 was… not attacking everything. And other reasons…
  6. And Z was shocked that we made it through a whole session without a single combat encounter.
  7. This was thanks to Nameless 🦔 aiding us with wind spells, but his character had decided to be angry at Gundahar 👑 , so my character had no idea why any of this was happening.
  8. In part because we tied Fristuld 🍺 to the large magical crystal in the hold of the ship and never again let him out.
  9. Ha! Just wait.