A New Friend, An Old Accomplice

Waking at the tip of a bright fingered dawn, we made ready to leave the fallow grounds of that mining settlement and journey to the west. Amadi πŸ—‘ assured me that the Egyptian assassins he pursued were traveling westward along the coast, possibly in an effort to make their way around the coast of Espana and return to their native land. Following them seemed a prudent course of action as anyone with an interest in magical crystals might well be able to guide me, willingly or through coercion, to the powerful weapons which I sought.

Setting out down the river, we were not ten minutes upon the water when a band of Romans emerged from the forest, driving before them a caravan propelled by the toils of a dozen slaves.

I immediately laid out the stratagem to my companions. 1 I have no particular hatred towards the Romans as a people, but their presence in my reaving grounds is not to be stood. Therefore, we would give them the impression of fleeing, then set upon them from the rear. 2

The plan was executed with the bloody glory and precision of a proper stratagem. Having debarked in the forest around a bend in the river and sent the boat back to harry the Romans with bow shot, I led my new companion on a charge through the forest that quickly brought us into the midst of the Roman band. 3 We fought with bloody glory, our blows sundering their cowardly formations. Amadi πŸ—‘ employed his guile and skill to sneak into the center of the Roman forces and spring upon their leader, severing his head from his body with a single stroke of his blade. 4

Thus deprived of their leader, the Roman soldiers rapidly collapsed into disorder. The bloodlust of battle raged through me, invigorating me to wade into battle and slay my opponents with mighty blows of my sword and shield. 5 Biard 🐈 drove forth into battle, spurring on his vicious cat to rend our enemies with its claws. My first mate performed his duties admirably, directing our crew to loose arrows from the decks of our ship into the chests of the Romans until they resembled porcupines.

In the aftermath of the fight, I secured a Roman artifact of curious magical power. 6 According to the divinations of Amadi πŸ—‘ and Biard 🐈 , this device allowed the Romans to speak with one another over a great distance. It occurred to me that I might make good use of this to confound my enemies if only I could determine how it worked. Moreover, were I to discover a mate to this device, it could prove indispensable in coordinating battles. This first acquisition made certain my faith that I had made the correct choice in setting out into the world to discover magical powers which might aid me in regaining my rightful throne.

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  1. By this he means that we ran away because the GM described the Romans as really tough, so 2/3 of the party didn’t want to risk death.
  2. We ran away, then Biard 🐈 ‘s player drunkenly bullied the rest of us into going back and having a proper fight.
  3. Actually, I needed to get home, so the other players ran Gundahar πŸ‘‘ on autopilot for the next 20 minutes until the fight was over.
  4. Wish I’d been there to see these stealth rolls.
  5. On autopilot.
  6. Which I just remembered while typing this blog. That would probably have come in handy in the last month. Texted Z and he said we can probably work it back into the game, with me having spent the last month studying it.