1001 Spikes

I really wanted to like 1001 Spikes. The introduction levels were fun, the opening story video was… well, an amusing fusion of borderline Engrish writing, anime style, and Indiana Jones plot elements.

It reminded me of playing Micro Man and Chips Challenge as a kid.

(And just writing that sentence makes me want to go and find a shareware copy of Micro Man again… must resist urge…)

Then this happened, and by “this” I mean the first actual story level after the introduction.

1001 Spikes.gif
I’d already burned through more than 40 lives at the time of this screen recording.

If you’ve got an itch for retro-style platforming puzzles, and a healthy streak of masochism, go ahead and give 1001 Spikes a try. It’s $15 on Steam and frequently goes on discount through Steam or HumbleBundle.

Personally, I think I’ll stick to hitting my head against the wall beside my desk when I want to feel this much repetitive pain.

If you want to watch me suffer for three minutes, here’s the full video clip that I used to make that GIF.


Better Than: Actually jumping and landing on spikes.
Worse Than: My childhood memories of devilishly hard Roguelike platformers.
You might like if: You enjoy memorizing movement patterns and have a lot of patience.
Andrew’s Gametime: 33 minutes.


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