Words of Binding

Seeking to distance himself from the affairs of fallen angels, Oliver Lucas hires out his skills to an enigmatic Japanese business woman and amateur scholar who wants him to capture a rare slat book from a remote Chinese monastery. He soon discovers that the book job was only a warmup for his true assignment: To track down and recover a relic bearing fragments of a mysterious, and potentially magical, language.

Acting on information provided by his employer, Oliver makes contact with a woman who is the sole living survivor of a Soviet era psychic research program. In the midst of negotiations that might uncover the location of the relic, another relic hunter enters the fray, seeking revenge for Oliver beating her to a prize. If that were not enough, it isn’t long before Oliver confronts the dark legacy of the Soviet experiments and, horribly, discovers his employer’s true motives.

The fourth novel in the Oliver Lucas Adventures series dives headlong into a thrilling tale that fuses stunning locations in Japan, China, and Russia, magical creatures from Japanese folklore, and the dark legacy of the Cold War into a nonstop adventure.

The first draft of Words of Binding is complete and I’ve started seeding it to beta readers.

Words of Binding is available now on Amazon.com as both an e-book and paperback.