The Eye of Odin

“This book was hard to put down and I can’t really imagine anyone not enjoying it.” –Aspiring Joy Reviews.

Maverick treasure hunter Oliver Lucas confronts ancient cults and supernatural villains as he searches for the relic he believes to have kickstarted civilization in Europe.

When Oliver steals a rival’s research notes, he discovers the key to a historical riddle that has eluded him for over a decade. He sets out for Germany, determined to capture a relic that might finally redeem his soiled academic career, only to discover that a brutal supernatural killer is following the same trail of clues. Now Oliver must unravel a mystery hidden in the operas and private papers of Richard Wagner before the sinister, and oddly familiar, murderer beats him to the prize.

Then the Norse god Odin shows up in Oliver’s hotel room, offering to aid his quest in exchange for a dangerous favor.

Betrayed by a colleague and on the hook to a mythic Norse deity, Oliver finds himself trapped in the middle of a struggle between ancient gods and a cult of fallen angels hellbent on guarding a deadly secret, no matter how many mortals they have to slaughter along the way. Oliver has always believed that his pursuit of knowledge justifies any means, but this adventure will force him to confront the wisdom of his unyielding search for the truth.

From the steamy islands of the south Pacific, to the majestic spires of Bavarian castles, to the mysterious realms that form the border between reality and myth, The Eye of Odin draws readers into an adventure that blends the gritty action of classic pulp with the magic of a modern fantasy.

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