Splintered Demons


The sequel to Dyson’s Angel and my second novel set in The Shell, a fully sealed Dyson Sphere built around our sun. Far in the future, a thousand years before the novels open, an unknown race of aliens destroyed every world in our solar system and used harvested rubble to construct a shell around the sun at approximately the distance where Venus used to orbit. In the subsequent years, no human has managed to find a way out of the Shell and, to the best of human knowledge, no alien has managed to enter the shell… except perhaps the insane alien void ship known as Heraxo. After an accident cause a human treasure hunter named Zau to be fused with Heraxo’s intellect core, Zau’s wife Moira took command of the alien ship and set herself up as a mercenary.

Splintered Demons opens immediately following the end of Dyson’s Angel.


You can follow the development of Splintered Demons here on my website as I release segments of my first drafts. These segments will be released every day that I write, generally five days a week. Passages are first drafts, so other than removing expletives that I prefer to not post freely online, they are not edited, or necessarily in the correct order. It is possible to read the whole first draft of the story here on my website, and I welcome you to do so, but for an optimal reading experience (and to make me feel good) you should consider buying the final book when it is done.


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