Gravity Cover Asha is alone and time is running out.

An unexpected solar flare has devastated the planet, plunging much of civilization into darkness and preparing the path for unanticipated powers to emerge from remote regions of the world. But all of that is irrelevant to Asha, because her crew mates are all dead and the high orbit space station in which she lives has been damaged, leaving her with no way of returning to the surface.

Gravity is the chronicle of one woman’s struggle to survive and grasp her own destiny as she is swept along by powers and events beyond her control. As the inescapable pull of gravity drags her ever closer to her doom, Asha searches her memories, and the journals of a fallen crew mate, for the clue that might save her from a fiery death.

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“You can’t do this!” I yelled. I grabbed the locking wheel, braced myself against the floor and wall, and twisted. My knuckles went white and my face flushed a hot red with the strain of it, but I could not turn the wheel. Lars must have jammed it from the other side.

I looked through the glass again and saw that Lars had moved away from the hatch and now stood beside the control panel. I watched, helpless, as he typed in the emergency override code, then paused with his finger hovering over the large green command confirmation key.

His mouth twisted up into a sad smile and he raised his hand towards me in a forlorn wave of departure.

Then he pressed the key.

“No!” I screamed. I pounded both fists against the glass of the hatch, driving myself backwards down the airlock module until I bumped into the curved wall, but I could still see through the large, circular window as the external hatch blew open with an audible “thump” and a tremor which shook the docking arm. The air in the chamber blew out into space in a single explosive burst of decompression, carrying Lars with it.