A Cold Day to Drown

Drive meets Ghost in the Shell in the shell of a collapsed world…

A Cold Day to Drown is the opening chapter in a new series which explores the dark side of a future society on the brink of a titanic shift. A couple hundred years from now, the seas have risen, antibiotics have failed us, and half the population has been wiped out by an engineered plague. Trapped in this bleak world, Talbot Liu is a fixer trying to find a missing girl among the chaotic fringes of a city owned by gangs and corporations.

Inspired by classics of modern noir cinema like Drive and Blade Runner, infused with the science fiction flavor of Ghost in the Shell and All Tomorrow’s Parties, and tainted with smidgen of end times paranoia, A Cold Day to Drown is a thriller for anyone who likes their stories packed with mystery, violence, and a wood chipper load of dark humor.

You can read the serial version of A Cold Day to Drown for free on Inkshares as I release newly edited chapters (about 20 pages a week). When the full novel is complete, you will have the opportunity to pre-order a copy and, if I can get about 1000 pre-orders, the novel will be published professionally and made available in bookstores nation wide. So please take a look at the novel today and, if you like it, share it with everyone you know.

Content Warning: A Cold Day to Drown is intended for mature audiences only.