Andrew Linke: Teacher, Author, Photographer

This page consists of my CV, written in detailed prose. A more compact formal resume can be found here. I share some of my best photos to my public photography portfolio.

Writing Portfolio

I have been an author for over a decade, working in a variety of genres. My first novel was a pulp adventure story, which I soon followed with science fiction novels fantasy short stories. I am currently writing a novel about an American end-times cult while planning a series of detective novels set in a fantasy world. Click on any of the titles below to read a sample.


Apocalypse Summer (in revision, publication expected in 2023)
A tightly plotted thriller exploring the final days of an apocalyptic cult in rural Virginia.

A Cold Day to Drown (2018)
A neo-noir / cyberpunk detective novel set in the near future after a series of ecological disasters.

Dyson’s Angel (2017)
A far-future cyberpunk action novel exploring the boundaries of human/machine relationships and the limits of scientific exploration.
This novel is no longer available in full, due to plans to rework it as the opening act of a serial adventure.

Echoes of the Fall (2017) – Originally published as Words of Power.
The final novel in my adventure series. Explores a world where myths and legends are awakening as the hero seeks the origins of a mysterious device that can alter reality.

Words of Binding (2015)
An adventure novel that blends mystical sigils, Japanese folklore, and the forgotten legacy of Soviet psychic experiments.

The Diamond of Souls (2014)
An adventure novel spanning the globe from an abandoned salt mine in Louisiana to the depths of the Parisian catacombs.

The Eye of Odin (2013)
An adventure novel that gallivants across Europe as the hero performs a task for the king of the Norse gods.

Burning in the Void (2013)
A science fiction novel set aboard a failing generation ship where many of the crew have reverted to a feudal culture.

The Staff of Moses (2012)
My first novel is primarily set in Egypt as the hero tracks down a magical relic for a wealthy patron.

Role Playing Games

The Will: A Jazz Age Horror (2017)
A short adventure originally intended to be played using the DREAD block-tower roleplaying system. Loosely inspired by countless locked-room mysteries and just a dash of Elder God Horror. You can download a PDF of The Will for free here. The guide includes basic rules for dice and playing-card based systems.

Photography Guides

Exploring Black & White Photography (2022)
Part history, part art book, part instructional resource, this guide will introduce you to the beautiful realm of photographing the world in black and white. You can download a free PDF of the book here and learn more about my live and asynchronous classes here.

Work Experience

Independent Teacher

Online tutoring and educational consulting.

Since July of 2020, I have worked independently as a chess coach, role playing game master, and photography teacher via the OutSchool online learning platform. In this capacity I manage multiple ongoing class schedules, write curriculum, and established a personal routine of educational, consulting, and creative work. In addition to guiding students to a deeper understanding of both gaming and artistic expression, I have consulted with clients regarding homeschooling curriculum.

Classroom Teacher

Chesapeake Public Schools

For twelve and a half years I worked as a seventh grade English teacher, serving a diverse population of students in a low-income region of Chesapeake. In my capacity as team leader, I managed a team of six to nine teachers and aides, ensuring that departmental initiatives were advanced and a complex array of state and federal educational mandates were correctly implemented. During my tenure, I spearheaded the implementation of reading enrichment programs, online behavioral management systems, and transitions between multiple online learning platforms. I also served as the editor for the Teacher of the Year committee, combining documents provided by multiple contributors to create a singular committee voice.

Camp Commissioner & Newsletter Editor

Tidewater Council, BSA

Prior to beginning my teaching career, I worked with Tidewater Council as a year-round volunteer newsletter editor and summertime employee. In these roles I supervised junior counselors in developing and implementing outdoor skill and artistic learning activities and served as public relations liaison and administration-level trouble shooter for camper safety and satisfaction. I also wrangled a team of over a dozen contributors to publish a quarterly newsletter for all members of the Blue Heron Order of the Arrow lodge. I was awarded both the Vigil Honor and Founder’s Award for my contributions to the organization and camp. 


Old Dominion University

Norfolk, VA
B.A. in English Education (2007) with a 3.72 GPA.

Home Schooled

Prior to attending Old Dominion University, I was educated at home with an emphasis on literature and technology.



I have been a professional educator since January of 2008. During my tenure at Chesapeake Public Schools, my students regularly achieved above-average scores on statewide assessments.

Since 2020 I have worked as an independent tutor, coach, and consultant, primarily through the Outschool online learning platform. My classes routinely receive positive reviews, maintaining an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.


As an independently published author of eight novels, I have extensive experience with the process of shepherding a project through the entire process from conception to production, including editing, art acquisition, advertising copy, and page layout, and production. My writing output has exceeded 100,000 words of fiction and role playing content for eight of the last ten years, all of which was produced, edited, and promoted in my spare time.


I have exhibited my fiction and turned a profit selling books for multiple years at eight different conventions across Virginia and Washington, DC. As an invited guest and speaker, I have moderated panels and run writing workshops at RavenCon, Tidewater Comicon, ROFCon, and Station Unity.


I am adept in multiple desktop, mobile, and online writing and collaboration platforms, capable of moving rapidly between Apple, Microsoft, Google/Web, and Linux-based products. Throughout my career I have served as a team leader and mentor, helping colleagues adapt to continually shifting technology platforms.

I am completely at ease with asynchronous work and live online meetings. My income relies on creating educational, role playing, and artistic material in a self-motivated environment and conducting approximately twenty hours per week of live video lessons with students across the world using Zoom, Roll20, GoogleDocs and other communications products. 

Gaming Experience

I have been an avid video game player since childhood, but have only produced a few small demo games which have rarely been seen by anyone outside my family. I am primarily drawn to games which blend strategy, role playing, or action with a strong narrative.

Tabletop Roleplaying Games

I have been an avid role player for more than ten years. I have developed numerous role playing settings and modules for my gaming groups, primarily in the science fantasy and retro horror genres. While I enjoy playing games, I usually end up in the role of game master. My GMing style prioritizes storytelling and player interaction, with rules serving as fair guidelines.

At my gaming table, which I built from lumber, an old television screen, and a RaspberryPi microcomputer, I have played multiple editions of D&D, Numenera, Cypher System, Dread, Fiasco, Warhammer, Shadowrun, and playing card-based homebrew systems. I am known within my gaming group for my flexibly and eagerness to explore and learn new systems, so long as they serve the purpose of enhancing player enjoyment of the tabletop experience.

Board Game Development

In 2011 I made an unsuccessful attempt to publish a hex-board based tabletop strategy game called Fyrdwisa. Intended to merge the tile-control of Settlers of Catan with bargaining as seen in Diplomacy, Fyrdwisa received positive feedback from beta testers, but only a few dozen copies of the game were produced. While the game was not a hit, I learned many valuable lessons about product design, promotion, and production.