You can probably guess my e-mail address if you are human and genuinely need to contact me. It’s on my business card.

It is my first name, then the "at" symbol, then the first letter of my first name followed by my last name. Put a dot com after that.

Here is my real personal Facebook and here is my Facebook page.
Friends and family only at the personal one, please. I don’t communicate with fans or students on my personal Facebook. For that matter, I kinda wish I could stop using Facebook.

Here’s my YouTube channel.
I’m trying to grow my audience over there, so please Like and Subscribe.

I sometimes use Instagram. I really should post my photos more often. I’m a rather overzealous Mastodon poster. Way back in the Before Times I used Twitter a good bit.
My opinions are my own and do not represent my employer, contractors, or clients.