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Joining the Fediverse

I’ve been playing around with Twitter for years and have long felt that I would have been deeply into the site if I wasn’t a public school teacher for most of the site’s existence. With the unmitigated disaster of Elon Musk buying Twitter and pouring radioactive gasoline into the Dumpster fire, I decided to join […]

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AI Art

I’ve been playing at the edges of AI art for a few years, from early dalliances with running the Electric Sheep Screensaver to creating terrible book covers in Deep Dreamer. It’s an interesting intersection of my enjoyment of art, even if I can’t draw so much as a stick figure comic without failing, and my […]

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Breaking the Battery Bank

I’ve been studying going solar for energy savings and disaster prep… and even with recent improvements in battery capacity things are looking rough. We use about 100KWH a day… Sometimes a lot less, but sometimes a lot more. Yeah, that’s a lot, but our in-law suite alone is almost the size of my old house. […]