Adding Necessary Grime

Watching movies from the early days of cinema, one thing that is often clear: They were frequently filmed on studio sets, which were obviously sets because even a dirty back alley was often cleaner than the average teenager’s bedroom. It wasn’t until the 1970s that on location filming became more common and even studio sets began to be dressed to look like the disorganized, grimy, … Continue reading Adding Necessary Grime

A Cold Day, Drowned

Eight books. I just keep thinking that to myself. I’ve written eight books in the last six years. EIGHT BOOKS! OK. That’s enough. Just breathe and stop the self congratulatory… EIGHT BOOKS! Let’s try that again, eh? A Cold Day to Drown started from two separate directions. The first was a set of photos I found while browsing stock photography websites for images to use … Continue reading A Cold Day, Drowned