What’s Next? (August 2017)

Having finished the first draft of A Cold Day to Drown, the time has come to look at upcoming projects for the next year or so…

Ongoing Projects

  • Audiobooks
    I’m in the midst of recording the audiobook for The Staff of Moses. It’ll probably take me another week or two to finish that, after which I’ll continue recoding audiobooks.
  • A Cold Day to Drown: The Graphic Novel
    Yep. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen a few pages of this already. I’m planning to have issue one, and maybe issue two, finished in time for Hampton Comicon in two months.
  • Submitting novels to agents.
    I will prepare both Dyson’s Angel and Burning in the Void for submission to agents before Labor Day. I’m not sure which I’ll submit first, but this WILL happen.

Projects in Planning

  • Sequel to Dyson’s Angel
    I plan to write this… soon. Look for me to write this book very publicly, as I’m strongly considering documenting the expanded universe of the novel for use as an RPG setting.
  • Apocalypse Summer
    This book is fully outlined, but I need to decide whether it will be a very dark YA novel or an adult novel. I’m currently leaning towards YA, since I’ve never written a book specifically with a teen audience in mind, but I still need to think about this. In addition to a detailed synopsis of this novel, I’ve got basic plans in place for several sequels.
  • Co-Written Time Travel Novel
    Cecilee and I are planning to collaborate on a time travel novel for NaNoWriMo this year. We’ve got a basic plot and a couple characters, but need to build a more complete outline before we are prepared to write.

More on these projects over the next week, as I need breaks from working on my agent submission material.

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