Revising Oliver Lucas Book 5

Today I begin revisions on Oliver Lucas book book five, and I’m already putting it off by writing this blog post.

I’m eager to get this novel finished, but it is going to be complicated. The fifth Oliver Lucas novel wraps up a story arc that i’ve been building since book one. It is not the end of the series (in the American sense of a set of books, television shows, or movies featuring the same set of characters), but it is the end of a major story in Oliver’s life.

I already have several ideas for books six, seven, etc. It’s just that, in order to continue the series, I need to wrap up the Watchers storyline. It’s like how Stargate needed to wrap up the main Gua’uld storyline before they could move forward into the advanced replicators, the Ori, and the Ba’al stories. And I promise, people, that Jonas Quinn will not be making an appearance in my storyline. But I can’t promise that the show won’t basically turn into Farscape.

(I probably just lost a few dozen readers there. Sorry, folks, I actually like the later seasons. Maybe not so much the space ship stuff, but definitely the characters.)

What was I talking about?

Oh, that’s right: Oliver Lucas.

I’ll be continuing to blog every day that I work on this revision. Ideally, I’ll be finished with the major revisions by mid-August. We’ll see if that actually happens.

Oliver Lucas Character Concept Art by Nga Nguyen & Michele Altenkirch.
Oliver Lucas Character Concept Art by Nga Nguyen & Michele Altenkirch.


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