SD First Draft – 2

Continuing the first drafts of Splintered Demons. To learn more about this book or view the table of contents for these first drafts posts, visit the novel page here.  “We have our own arrangement,” Gamayun said. They glided back from the edge and opened a series of panels in their side, unfolding a set of articulated arms from within itself. Dyson climbed into the curve of … Continue reading SD First Draft – 2

Steal the World: The Antihero

Being a semi-edited dump of my thoughts as I prepare for a presentation at ROFCON later this month. Expect more in the coming days as I continue planning my talks.  The Antihero An essential element of many adventure stories is the hero… rather, the antihero. While there are certainly adventure stories that feature genuinely heroic characters (TinTin, Robert Langdon, Wil Turner in the first Pirates … Continue reading Steal the World: The Antihero

A Peaceful Interlude

Following the utterly dull events in Britain, it came as a relief to enter the mouth of the Seine river and begin our journey through mainland Europe. We could not, of course, travel through Roman occupied territory without some subversion. Stopping at the mouth of the Seine, we utilized forged travel documents (crafted with care by Amadi 🗡 🗡 ) to pass through the Roman blockade, … Continue reading A Peaceful Interlude

We’re the Heroes

Following the debacle in Le Crotoy, we made our way rapidly across the channel to Britain. Along our way, we sighted a pod of sea cats, which we proceeded to hunt for sport. We slaughtered the lot of them and, upon arriving at port in Britain, were received with much celebration for saving the town from the sea cat menace. There is little to be … Continue reading We’re the Heroes

Adding Necessary Grime

Watching movies from the early days of cinema, one thing that is often clear: They were frequently filmed on studio sets, which were obviously sets because even a dirty back alley was often cleaner than the average teenager’s bedroom. It wasn’t until the 1970s that on location filming became more common and even studio sets began to be dressed to look like the disorganized, grimy, … Continue reading Adding Necessary Grime