Opening the Doors

Oliver Lucas #5 reached first draft status about two weeks ago and now I find myself in that awkward in-between place on my writing projects. Last year at this time I was itching to write fiction, but couldn’t. I was in the midst of taking a college course in Asian American Literature, which was quite simple in practice but required a great deal of time to complete all of the readings. Not that I don’t want to write fiction right now. The problem is that I have too many different projects stewing at the moments.

I did a post about the in-between times of writing a few months ago, so I’m not going to drag this out into a long, pointless thought experiment in which I describe every project that I have running and, after hundreds of words, still don’t know what I’m going to write. No, this is the sort of post where I announce what a series of future posts will be about.

See, I want to be better about describing my writing process. Not that I’m any sort of famous writer. I’ve only been at this for about five and a half years and my books only recently became dependable as a source of pizza money, with perhaps the occasional pint of good ice cream every few months. And I never want to become one of those bestselling writers who makes a living selling books about writing to other writers. Sure, that’s a fine career, but I want to spend my life creating my own worlds, not just giving others the tools to do the building.

So I intend to start making more posts about my process of writing: Where ideas come from, how they develop, and what it takes to get my stories out of my brain and onto the page.

I should probably add a spoiler warning to my website. doors - colorful

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