OLA5: Revision Day 3

I have a mug of tea with an appropriate, sardonic saying printed upon it.


I have a ridiculously small container of yogurt.

My wrist brace.

A glass of water.

I’ve been up since 4:30, thank you anxiety and random distracting thoughts.

I even managed 20 minutes of yoga before I got too distracted and started looking for any excise to pause and do laundry, brush the cats, unlink my Twitter from Facebook so I won’t get so many weird tripple repeating cross posts.

It’s time to buckle down (No, andrew, you’re not going to distract yourself by going to look up the etymology of that phrase) and start revising.

First 4k words have gone well. Made some significant revisions to a few scenes, but overall the pacing is still good and I’ve got a decent ballance of action, dialogue, plot advancement, and exposition.

I have just arrived at the first major roadblock.

I distinctly remember writig the passage I just opened (which is a very fast exposition scene that skims over several days) because I thought that doing anything else would be just a rehash of the previous three major plot points.

This novel is supposed to be action-adventure, not a roadtrip tale that is so boring it actually makes Natural Born Killers look good. (And, yes, I hated that movie. Not for the violence, but because it’s so damn pointless.)

Well, I’ve come across a really interesting bit of Native American history to use for on of the interludes. Will have to write this scene later, when I’ve thought through how to keep it respectful (despite the content), rather than exploitive.

Here’s one of my sources, if you want to get a preview of what might appear in the book.

OK, I  need to stop for lunch. I’ve written at least two completely new pages today (I usually write 3 pages) and revised another 18. I might come back to the book this afternoon, but it’s time for some lunch and an hour or so of Food Network to clear my mind.

In case I don’t return to it today, here’s what I’ve done so far:

Less progress today than yesterday, but these 20-ish pages needed more work than the previous 60. Most of the 2 pages I wrote today was in a contoguous linking scene. I’m also making excuses, such as how I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night and have only eaten a single cup of yogurt in the last 18 hours.





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