OLA 5: Revision Day 2


I’ve had my tea. Its time to start revising OLA5 again.

(Sidenote, I’m trying out the WordPress app for Mac, so we’ll see if it is any better than just posting through the web interface on my site.)

Odeally, I’ll get through all of these files today. That’s about 40 pages. We’ll see how much I actually revise.

Did some heavy revision on the oni’s chapter.

So far, the first bank pickup isn’t bad. Made a few changes, including correcting a major false identity flaw, but it isn’t as terrible as I remembered.

Keeping track of who Oliver has slept with is getting complicated. That’s the great thing about monogamy and/or celibacy: It really simplifies tracking friendships vs. friends with benefits vs. one night stands.

IMG_0413.jpgAlright, took a break for lunch and a 1.5km walk. Have almost reached level 5 in Pokémon Go, at which point I’ll be able to realize that all the teenagers in my neighborhood have a complete lock on the gyms, so I can give up on this game and go back to draining my phone battery with some other app.

Went back to check something in The Eye of Odin and YES! My idea of how to tie all this together is even better than I had thought. One benefit of basing my mythology on real world myths and history is that there’s already some consistancy to the world.

Clue: Babylon. Eye of Odin, Chapter 13.

Oh, apparently Oliver has traveled with a blond woman before… but of a very different sort. Really need to update (and keep updated) my character profiles.

Alright, it’s time to stop for the day. I’ve got most of the group back together, identified a scene I need to add, added about a page of fresh words, and revised 31 pages.

I’ve also gotten distracted by Pokémon Go twice, Facebook a few dozen times, and keep looking out the window at thre threating clouds and thinking about how much I need to mow the front lawn before the neighbors complain.

I’m going to call it a day for this book.

Revised 31 of my hoped for 40 pages, including writing a whole page worth of new material. I’ll call this good enough for one day.



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