OLA 5: Revision Day 1

Opening the file for the first time in over a month. Looks like this book is currently about 82k words. That comes out to around 273 pages.

I know I’m going to need to add several small scenes while I revise. I’m guessing that the book will probably be around 300 pages by the time I’m finished.

Ideally, I’ll revise about 8,000 words a day, making minor revisions as I go. This might be an over optimistic goal, but it’s a goal.

Fixing a lot of descriptions. First drafts can be so bland and wordy at once.

Cecilee just showed me how to activate revision mode in Scrivener. This will be helpful.

Making a lot of good changes to Caleb’s observations in the opening scene. Trying to decide if I’ll keep Caleb as the perspective character or swap this scene to later in the book and open on Oliver.

Midpoint of my editing for today. Have added almost 400 words, removed and changed much more.
Midpoint of my editing for today. Have added almost 400 words, removed or changed many more.

I’m starting to like the idea of keeping this as the opening scene. You don’t always have to start a book with the title character “on screen”. I’ll probably leave this as the opening, then bring in Oliver in chapter two.

Coming back to this after lunch, I’m really happy with the first Oliver chapter. It’s not perfect, of course, but it’s really good for a first draft.

Really strong Theresa / Haruka chapter. Only a few changes made.

And the Oliver chapter wasn’t bad either.

I’m definitely going to have to add more to the middle and end of this novel, especially the interludes, but the first thirty pages are pretty damn solid.

Here’s what i’m worried about, thirty pages into revision:

First: I know the end is rushed. I need to expand that when I get to it. I also need to make sure that I add foreshadowing for the major revelations. I also need to decide whether to include the Babylon references that are wandering through my mind.

Oh! Wow. I just thought of this: Not going to give everything away in a blog post, but here are some clues: Pangea. Tower of Babel. Monkeys. Greedy prince. Moon.

OK I might have just solved a major issue with the structure of the novel… 

Second: the middle of this book is currently very dull, at least as I remember it. The interludes will help, but I need to spice up the Great American Road Trip or completely re-write the middle hundred pages of this book. I’m pretty sure that I can add enough pepper, garlic, and lemon zest to make it work though, especially since I need to write several interludes. Placing one or more of them in America will help.

Third: Title. i really need a name for this book.

Fourth: Editing. I want to run an IndieGoGo or Kickstarter for getting proper, real editing this time around, but I’m afraid of failure. Real editing will cost somewhere south of $2000 for a there hundred page novel.

30 pages revised, with about 2 pages of new material added as I worked.
30 pages revised, with about 2 pages of new material added as I worked.
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