Snowy Borderlands

Andra Borlander, at the end of the adventure.

It snowed about a foot over the weekend and here in south-east Virginia that means that the entire region has ground to an icy halt. The streets in my neighborhood are covered in a couple of inches of packed ice, which will no doubt stay in place until the temperature hits 60 and it starts to rain on Wednesday because the city doesn’t plow or salt the streets. All of the schools are closed at least through Tuesday, meaning that I am trapped at home with nothing to do except read books, watch classic movies, write a scifi novel, play with my cats, hang out with my wife, and play video games.

Yep, you can tell how heartbroken I am. It’s almost like I don’t have a beautiful snowy back yard to look out on from both my office and my dining room table.

This afternoon Cecilee and I finally got around to finishing the story missions for Borderlands 2. We’ve been playing the game for about a year and a half (53 hours game time, to be exact) and it was certainly a fun ride. I expect that we’ll dive back in occasionally to play through the DLC and maybe try some new character classes, although it will be hard for me to give up playing as Andra Borlander, a siren with a slight addiction to elemental weapons.

We make a good team.

I stay towards the back, sniping with elemental effect rifles, while my demure wife charges balls to the wall into the fight as an angry dwarf named Santino, dual-wielding rocket launchers. Perhaps that tells you something about how our marriage works? Is it possible to psychoanalyze people based on their video game character choices?

Eh, maybe.

Borderlands 2 is rated M for very good reasons, many of which are related to jokes involving evisceration. I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to exploring Pandora again.

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