Learning Swift and XCode

I’ve been plotting to build a couple of different apps over the last year and told myself that I would absolutely do it this summer.

Problem is, I haven’t seriously studied coding since I did some work in LiveCode about five years ago. I would build my app in that (it is a relatively easy language to use and [bugs aside] the IDE is very user friendly) but I really can’t justify $999 a year for a license.

So I’m trying to learn Swift and build my apps for iOS, with the thought that I could then port them to Mac with relative ease. Problem is: Code can be hard.

I feel bad saying that. App Camp for Girls teaches tweens and teens how to develop a full application in a week every summer. There must be a way for me to learn app development without plucking out every hair of my two day old neck beard one at a time. Right?

At the moment I’m using Apple’s introductions. They’re not bad, but I keep getting this feeling of overwhelming, impending doom. The sense that I’m throwing away my summer on trying to learn something that is utterly useless, when I should be… um… mowing the lawn? Reading a novel? Finishing A Cold Day to Drown? Getting a second job to pay for renovations?


This is learning. This is being tenacious. This is pushing back against the daemon and not giving up on my dream of being an independent creator one day.

Enough complaining. Back to work.

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