Introducing Dyson’s Angel

sun red 1What would happen if our world was destroyed, fractured into a thousand fragments and scattered across the solar system like bits of a shattered toy? That apocalypse is where Dyson’s Angel begins.
Over a thousand years before the book opens, probably about two centuries after the time you are reading this, some unknown force entered the solar system and utterly consumed all of the planets. That mass was used to craft a massive shell around the sun, forging an impenetrable prison which would contain humanity for eternity. This prison was divided into millions of regions, each a gently curved segment of the sphere’s inner wall with the same surface area as earth, and into these regions the people of the shattered earth were scattered like seeds.

sun vertical 1Welcome to the Shell.

Dyson’s Angel introduces a cast of characters I intend to write about for several more novels. It’s a complete story, but less like a single, standalone movie and more the first episode of a really good scifi miniseries that runs for seven of the ten produced episodes before being canceled by a network that just doesn’t understand.

Well, something like that. But with fewer cows and more gorram frelling weird dren.

My point is that Dyson’s Angel is an action-adventure tale and a bit of a team-building origin story. It’s got explosions. It’s got space ships. It’s got some weird technology, including multiple implementations of artificial intelligence. It’s got a cybernetic zef rave. It’s got a strained relationship between two people who once loved each other, but are now having trouble keeping the spark alive… what with one of them being both dead and having multiple personality disorder.

It’s complicated.

And fun.

So if you like the hard SciFi concepts of Alastair Reynolds and strange cultures of Ian M. Banks, but want a little bit of Firefly scrappiness and a touch of Farscape weirdness, this is the book for you.

<Here is probably a good place to stop reading if you don’t like any spoilers. The rest of this post describes the major characters, my intents with them, and a few minor details of the plot. There’s nothing that would truly spoil a plot twist, but one of the characters is little bit of a surprise (I’ll put them at the bottom) and some aspects of Moira’s relationship might be best left for discovery>

Moira is a mercenary. Not by choice, but of necessity. Raised in a relatively peaceful zone, she joined a peacekeeping force, got wired up with a top combat body mesh, and then wound up deserting after her unit was sold off to a foreign military contractor. In the course of making her escape, Moira met and fell in love with Zau. Together, they managed to forge a relatively quiet life scavenging bits of alien technology and selling it to private collectors, researchers in low-tech zones, and the occasional void pirate. Everything seemed to be going well and they were on track for a quiet retirement when disaster struck…

Zau is a historian who focuses on studying the relics of alien cultures, which have been found scattered throughout the Shell since enclosure. Born into a war torn zone, she managed to escape through scholarships, only to be pulled back into the conflict when her family was put in danger by a regional conflict. In attempting to rescue her family, Zau met Moira. The unlikely pair helped one another escape and formed a close bond, which was tested beyond limits when they discovered an alien void ship…

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