2018 Writing Plans

Another year dawns, possibly that last in which I will turn a double-numeral without feeling ancient, and it’s time for my quasi-traditional effort at planning out what I will write in the coming months.

2017 was a difficult year for writing. In the first few months I was distracted by political podcasting and slowly recovering from a pair of slow burning health problems. I managed to complete the fifth Oliver Lucas novel, revise and launch Dyson’s Angel, write the first draft of A Cold Day to Drown, and write about half of Apocalypse Summer. Not bad for a time when I truly felt unproductive.

I also relaunched my Patreon project, just in time for either Patreon’s fee structure fiasco or my own temporary shift to dramatic fiction to scare away my only backer. Despite the somewhat disappointing results of my Patreon efforts thus far, I’m not going to shut the project down. If you’re a fan of my writing, this is a great time to back the project. I’ll have at least one, possibly two or three novels coming out in 2018 and all levels of support receive some version of every book I write.

Speaking of which, here’s my tentative plan for the coming year:

  • January
    • Begin revising A Cold Day to Drown so it is ready for RavenCon.
    • Finish drafting Apocalypse Summer.
  • February
    • Finish revising A Cold Day to Drown so it is ready for RavenCon.
    • Return to drafting Splintered Demons.
  • March
    • Edit A Cold Day to Drown and begin recording audiobook.
    • Continue drafting Splintered Demons.
  • April
    • I will be a guest at RavenCon. Panels and readings are to be announced, but I hope to have a reading from A Cold Day to Drown or Dyson’s Angel and participate in at least three panels each day.
    • Finish drafting Splintered Demons.
  • May
    • I will have a table in the Artist Alley at Tidewater Comicon. A Cold Day to Drown will be available for purchase as my new novel for the year, and I anticipate having pre-release editions of Apocalypse Summer and maybe Splintered Demons ready.
    • Revise Apocalypse Summer.
    • Begin planning new adventure novel.
  • June
    • Draft new adventure novel.
    • Draft first Agents of LOVE novel.
    • Revise Apocalypse Summer.
  • July
    • Draft new adventure novel.
    • Revise Splintered Demons.
    • Draft first Agents of LOVE novel.
  • August
    • Draft new adventure novel.
    • Draft first Agents of LOVE novel.
  • September
    • Begin drafting third Dyson’s universe novel.
  • October
    • Continue drafting third Dyson’s novel.
  • November
    • Continue drafting third Dyson’s novel.
  • December
    • Continue drafting third Dyson’s novel. Begin revising new adventure novel.

This is not a comprehensive list of my plans, and as you can see they become a little more sketchy over the course of the year. I’m also working on a deeply planned fantasy setting which I anticipate being the setting for most of my writing beginning somewhere around 2019 or 2020, as well as an interactive fiction project which… well, it might be completed some day. Then there are other projects involving recording audiobooks, writing comic books, and filming an independent spy thriller, but those are all lowest priority as I continue to try and get my writing career off the ground.

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