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Going Interactive

It’s thirty years ago. I’m standing in the hallway of our apartment in Cape May and asking my dad how to program a video game. I don’t know a lot about video games, but I know that my dad works with computers and I have a notebook full of sketches showing the levels that an […]

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Joining the Fediverse

I’ve been playing around with Twitter for years and have long felt that I would have been deeply into the site if I wasn’t a public school teacher for most of the site’s existence. With the unmitigated disaster of Elon Musk buying Twitter and pouring radioactive gasoline into the Dumpster fire, I decided to join […]

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Fade to Gray

I’ve been a photographer since I was about eleven years old. I still remember crawling through the mud in our backyard in Maine, carving out rivers in the dirt and poking small fragments of plants into the earth until I had created exactly the scene I wanted to capture on my mother’s 35mm Olympus SLR. […]

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Killing Words

NOTE: This is an incomplete short story which I wrote several years ago as an experiment. It’s extremely rough and likely filled with mistakes. I’m sharing it because I plan on taking elements of this story, tweaking them to fit my Covenant universe setting, and then expanding the story into a murder mystery novel. Look […]

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Independent Balance

I quit my job about two years ago and now make a decent living coaching chess, teaching photography, and guiding kids to practice imagination and socialization through playing Dungeons & Dragons. I am literally a professional Dungeon Master. As awesome as it is to be able to say that, there’s an inherent difficulty in finding […]

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Writing Sci-fi and Fantasy

This is a speech I intended to give at the Station Unity Sci-Fi conference in August of 2022. The audience for the session ended up being… somewhat smaller than I expected, so I adapted the themes of this speech into a group discussion. Welcome everyone. My name is Andrew Linke and I’m your guest author […]

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AI Art

I’ve been playing at the edges of AI art for a few years, from early dalliances with running the Electric Sheep Screensaver to creating terrible book covers in Deep Dreamer. It’s an interesting intersection of my enjoyment of art, even if I can’t draw so much as a stick figure comic without failing, and my […]

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Don’t Let Me Walk Alone

When the sundown comes, don’t let me walk alone. Memories begin to fade, flaking away like ash blowing before the flame. Sparks of fear rise, burning against the night sky. Fragments, they are. Flickering, untethered, soon to burn out and fall to the earth in a cold gray rain. Don’t let me walk alone, she […]

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Getting Back into Fitness

I currently pay for both Apple Fitness+ and Supernatural, in addition to having a driveway which is perfect for fitness, as it is exactly 1/10th of a mile long and slopes uphill at both ends. Literally the only thing keeping me from getting into better shape is the general madness of life here at the […]

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This morning we drove over to a local flower farm, where Alli and Barb picked sunflowers and chatted a bit with the farmer. It was a nice break from the daily grind of medications and catheters. We walked among the flowers for a good while. I chased butterflies, attempting to get a good photo of […]