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Getting Back into Fitness

I currently pay for both Apple Fitness+ and Supernatural, in addition to having a driveway which is perfect for fitness, as it is exactly 1/10th of a mile long and slopes uphill at both ends. Literally the only thing keeping me from getting into better shape is the general madness of life here at the farm… and my dislike of waking at 5am so I can exercise before everyone else wakes up.

Supernatural is fantastic, but requires me to have access to my Oculus Meta Quest 2, as well as the time and space to use it. I may write more about it in the future, but the short of it is that Supernatural is great at keeping my heart rate up and making be break a sweat, especially when I use the Boxing workouts. I probably wouldn’t pay for Supernatural just for myself since I have Fitness+ and Beat Saber, but Allison likes it and I share the Quest 2 with everyone else in the house. 

I have barely touched Fitness+ in the year that I’ve been paying for it, but in my defense I really only have it because the cost of an Apple Music Family Plan, News+, and expanded backup space for my photos basically added up to the price of Apple One, so I’m essentially getting Fitness+, TV+, and Arcade for free. Yes, that’s why they price the services the way they do, but I don’t feel bad paying $30 a month to the Fruity Overlord because my photos are important and I have two teenagers in the house who would otherwise be driving me crazy playing music on ad-supported Spotify accounts. Yes, I could pay for Spotify or ask their bio-dad to give them subscriptions as a birthday gift, but I want a music streamer too. 

I’ve previously attempted to shame myself into fitness by posting about it on Facebook and Twitter, but such attempts always failed. There’s no telling whether this attempt will work, but as I’m integrating it into an overall effort to blog every day, maybe I’ll be more successful this time. 

Health and Fitness

  • Weight: 211
  • Exercise this week: Yardwork
  • Mental State: Pretty Good
  • Weeks of Reflections: 1

Three Goals for Next Week

  • Apply for my Maryland Teacher’s License
  • Finish new introduction videos for all my classes
  • Get back into a fitness routine