Avoiding Calls

I did it again: Started a thing, felt like it was going really well, then lost focus and didn’t keep up for a second week.

Let’s get back on track today.

I need to make some calls on Monday.

First and most important I need to schedule my next COVID booster. As part of the elite club of J&J recipients who are now under-protected, I qualify for a second booster shot.

And immediately after typing that I realized that, rather than putting it off to tomorrow, I could schedule my appointment online right now. Ok, I didn’t do it immediately. I need to wait for everyone else to wake up, since we need to drive into Frederick at some point today. Still, it feels good that I’ll be able to get that booster shot today or tomorrow without driving fifty miles to a tiny CVS in central Baltimore.

I do still need to make some calls tomorrow.

Probably the most important is that I need to transfer my doctor to Frederick, so that I’m driving forty minutes instead of an hour and a half if I need an appointment. Not that I mind driving to Baltimore, but I’ve got to figure this out because the doctor I initially chose moved a few months ago. Also, for reasons.

I’ve been in conversation with various people over the last couple years and have had it repeatedly pointed out that I’m probably neuroatypical. Politely. Not in an accusing or rude way.

But multiple friends have independently asked me if I’ve been evaluated for autism or ADHD. To which I reply, “Not yet.” Mostly because I’m too busy, anxious, and distractible. Which isn’t a joke, it’s the honest truth.

So I’ll see about that.
I think.

Listen, after living with a gay partner for a decade and having the “Christian Counselor” she was seeing basically set her up for failure and encourage her to prolong an uncomfortable and hurtful marriage, I’m a little picky about who I open up to. (Other than on the internet). The last thing I need is to take time away from helping my kids with their homework to try and find a solution for my own focus issues, only to get railroaded into some sort of whitewashed conversion therapy program. Alright, I know that as long as I go to a licensed secular psychiatrist, all should be fine, but that doesn’t stop me from being annoyed at the remote prospect of such a result.

I have thoughts on why one or both of these diagnoses are likely accurate, but it’s also entirely possible that I’m just having trouble focusing because I’ve gone from one wife to six roommates in the midst of a global pandemic and the rumblings of World War Three. We will see if I actually make my appointment, then we’ll see what the doctors say.


  • Health: I barely slept last night, but still had the energy to move a bunch of garbage to the curb… then I crashed as soon as I got home. A wash-up perked me up enough that I’m going to write some before bed, but I’m still exhausted.
  • Writing: This post. I’m also going to pre-write some things for the week and maybe touch a bit of fiction writing.
  • Mindset: You know those days when everything is perfect except for maybe fifteen minutes of intrusive thoughts mid-day? Yeah. Other than being in a dark mood while searching for the barnyard stapler, it’s been a really good day.

Your Daily Serving of Interesting

As we drove home this evening, Ellie asked if we could listen to this cute song mid-Mumford and Sons. Her mom sang along too.

Until Next Time

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