March 29

I’m trying to break a cycle.

It goes something like this:

  1. I think something is really cool.
  2. I start to get into the thing.
  3. I try to share the thing with other people, because it’s so damn cool.
  4. I get anxious because others aren’t into the thing as much as I am.
  5. I make another attempt to share, maybe in person and maybe as YouTube streams or blogs.
  6. I get really awkward.
  7. I either stop doing the thing or awkwardly do it in private, not really talking much.

This applies to watching movies, playing video games, building projects… lots of things.

I just struggle with doing something solely and only because I like it. Probably because I want to spend lots of time on things I like, but if I’m spending a lot of time I feel like I should be making money from the thing. And if I can’t make money, then I at least want some sort of community recognition.

Of course, that’s what’s going on inside my head. Externally, I deny wanting attention and am terrified to put my work into the hands of people I know.

Which is why I’m seriously trying to write publicly every day and stream workshop projects. I’m trying to embrace the idea that it is ok to enjoy sharing my work just because I want to share it and hope to find a community of other nerdy, awkward creators.


  • Health: Ate fairly healthy. Slept well.
  • Writing: This.
  • Mindset: It’s been a complicated day, but I’m well.

Your Daily Serving of Interesting

This is a ways off from passing but at first glance I’m intrigued.
A new bill would launch a large-scale test of digital dollars – The Verge
The idea of being able to conduct transactions electronically without a credit card, and while avoiding the land mines of crypto, is enticing. My only concern is how to avoid double-spending without a ledger.

Until Next Time

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Take care of yourself and those you love.