March 26

A faithful accounting of my conversation with GG this evening:

“I gotta let you know that he and I, we never fought. Not a once. And I tell everybody that I ain’t got nothin but good memories with my Jimmy. We had good times together. There was times we disagreed, and I know I done tried his patience a time or two, but we always worked it out. We always said that you gotta give and forgive. When you love somebody and when you spend so many years with somebody, you learn a lot about them. What they likes and dislikes, cause everybody got those different. And you gotta let things go a little. Got to put aside what you want a little sometimes and make a compromise. You give that little and then you forgive. If they get something really wrong, that’s when the Lord tells us we gotta forgive. And I do believe it, Linke. I believe that I’ll see Jimmy again. That I’ll see all my loved ones again. I always hoped that I wasn’t too religious, but I got some religion in me. My mother, sometimes she’d listen to the radio preachers, and there was many a night when she’d shout out that she was gone read her Bible and she’d call for all us kids to come and stand at her knee and she’d read the Bible to us. And I believe in God. And that He died for us. And He bought us with His blood to set us free. It’s up to us. It’s up to us to do our best and be as good as we can be because the Lord died for us. And that’s why you’ve always got to forgive. And I do my best to forgive, Linke. I really do. Because if you don’t forgive, it just festers until it turns to hate and then you’ve got hate in you and driving you. You can’t hold on to hate. There’s too many in this world who don’t understand that. But I don’t want to get into all that. It’s time I stop preaching at you and let you go to bed. You’ve been workin all day, moving that stuff from the garages. So you go off to bed now and I’ll try to sleep. Goodnight.”


  • Health: Emptied two sheds and a basement, including lifting a lawnmower into an F150 by myself. My Apple Watch chimed congratulations for meeting exercise goals by mid-day… and I kept going until 7:30.
  • Writing: This blog will likely be all I write today.
  • Mindset: Positive and grateful.

Your Daily Serving of Interesting

I may write up or make a video about this little project, but for now:
3D design CardShufflerArms | Tinkercad
3D design CardShufflerArm | Tinkercad
Basically, Walker’s card shuffling machine project from KiwiCo was so close to great that we had to come up with a way of improving the design. This was the result.

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