March 23

This is me trying to get back into the habit of writing every day.

I wrote daily for several years. 1000 words. Every damn day. If I couldn’t get them out before work in the morning I would stay up late or write during dinner.

I have to admit that a lot of that writing was a form of therapy. I was deeply unhappy at work and my then wife and I were slowly discovering that we liked doing different things. Not a bad thing in a marriage. Having different things to talk about and stories to share is perfectly fine and can even cultivate a healthy relationship, but it ultimately became clear that we didn’t work as a couple.

I digress. Probably because even now, approaching two years since our formal divorce, I’m still sad about the end of that relationship. There are many things about it that I don’t miss, and I’m overall much happier now, but I didn’t want the friendship to end along with the marriage.

Some day I’ll write a novel or five with elements of our last weekend alone together. The weekend we agreed to file paperwork. While attending her brother’s wedding.

Jeez, this wasn’t supposed to be that kind of journal entry. This was supposed to be just me starting the process of writing every day again.


  • Exercise: Walked a mile and a half while tossing the rugby ball with Walker. He wasn’t exactly thrilled about all the walking and even less excited to talk about the book we had just finished listening to (Artemis by Andy Weir), but he eventually got his feelings about the book out and we moved on to listening to Project Hail Mary.
  • Writing: I’m doing that right now. As of this moment I’m at 300ish words and will probably do another few hundred words of fiction before I stop writing this evening.

Your Daily Serving of Interesting

Shortly after waking Alli put the trailer for Green Ghost & The Masters of the Stone in my brain. What a bonkers movie that looks to be. I don’t know that I’ll watch it, but I immediately forwarded the trailer to two friends who are all about Mexican professional wrestling. They were thrilled.

As of ten minutes ago I’m happy to learn that Erika Moen is still alive and doing fairly well, all things considered. Her very NSFW but quite important work with OJST and other body-positive comics was the best thing to come out of Penny Arcade’s Strip Search, which was itself an awesome experiment which I would love to see return in some capacity. Sadly, it seems that Penny Arcade is still being drawn with the annoying oversized hair on Gabe that kind of drove me away from the comic in the first place. Yes. I stopped reading it 60% because I fell out of gaming for a couple years and 40% because I hate Gabe’s hair. I miss the hair of ten+ years ago.

If you enjoy building dungeons or detailed maps for your tabletop RPG games, check out Dungeon Alchemist. I’ve been fiddling with it for a few months and am really enjoying it. I might even launch a new RPG campaign specifically based on crawling through the beautiful maps I can build in Dungeon Alchemist.

Until Next Time

Thanks for reading. I hope to make this a daily habit, at least until I get back into writing enough fiction or producing enough videos that I don’t need this journal to force me into taking half an hour to practice my craft every day. Please consider reading one of my books, subscribing to my YouTube channel, or following me on Facebook and Twitter if you enjoy these posts.

Take care of yourself and those you love.