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The Staff of Moses

Inspired by many an adventure novel, globe trotting films, and a mural I saw while visiting Paris in 2010, The Staff of Moses was the first novel I completed. I’ve since revised it several times and, as of 2022, I am releasing it for free on my website. If you’d like to read the novel in a more convenient format, you may purchase it on Kindle.


Oliver Lucas is a professional tomb robber, though he prefers to think of himself as an adventure photographer and gentleman relic hunter. It has been a decade since his previous career fell to pieces in the wake of a discovery that led him to abandon academia and begin scouring the world for clues to an ancient conspiracy.

Now a powerful man wants Oliver to track down a relic from the pages of history: the staff Moses used to call down plagues, part the sea, and lead the Hebrews out of Egypt. Unfortunately, the scroll that points the way to this relic is in hands of a band of renegade military contractors, and the only connection Oliver has to them is through a disgraced Egyptian spymaster. 

Oliver calls on Diana Jordan, an expert in ancient art and languages, and his former lover, to help him translate the scroll. She agrees, and together they set off for Egypt, resolved to track down the staff, no matter who stands in their way.

It isn’t long before Oliver and Diana find themselves in over their heads, confronting undead guardians, ancient cults, and the unleashed power of the staff itself.

Table of Contents

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