about those books

I wrote a bunch of books a few years ago. Five adventure novels. Three sci-fi novels. One not-quite-finished tale about the last weeks of a doomsday cult.

And I’ve been mostly ignoring them for almost three years as I sorted through what it meant to change jobs, get a divorce, and join a new family.

Well… it’s time for that to change. There will be a lot of text coming at you over the next few months.

I’m launching a major effort at my family blog, In Such Times, which will likely be infused with bits of fiction as I experiment with writing not only a classic blog about my life, but vignettes of surreal Americana. Think… Lake Woebegone meets The Wind in the Willows at a garden party put on by David Sedaris.

I’m also going to release all of my old fiction here on the blog. Yep. I’ve experimented with that for years, dithered, retracted… and I’ve finally settled on letting the stories go. You’ll still be able to buy print editions and reader compilations, but I want to reflect on my old stories a bit and give people the opportunity to read them without the roadblock of purchasing an ebook.

And I’ll finally finish those books that have been languishing for years… Splintered Souls and Apocalypse Summer.