Linke’s Links 21-4-4

This is not the time to become lax about quarantine. I’ve attended a few small gatherings when essential (lining up for my shot, a few vaccinated people gathering for a memorial service), but otherwise I’m going to keep being safe and avoiding gatherings for a good while. 

I’m really excited about electric vehicles. If all goes well with finances and the repair on the truck that I crashed last Monday, I plan to switch out of my hybrid to a basic cheap car. I want to drive that car into the ground over the next ten years, and then switch to an all-electric vehicle once there is one I can afford… and preferably one which can be towed behind an RV. Still, I’ll occasionally swing over to the Tesla website and drool over a Model 3, even as I curse their overall aesthetic. 

I made lunch for the household today, based on the sort of casserole that we used to have at staff breakfasts. Everyone approved. I did make the slight modification of using pepper jack cheese. 

I really like the design of Hey’s e-mail client, but I’m not sold yet. Going to keep playing with it a little bit, but I would have to use forwarding or pay an extra $80 a year because I use a custom domain. 

Alli is excited to try Star Trek: Bridge Crew on Oculus. I have it installed, but she’s the bigger Trek fan so we’re going to let her play it first.

James already bought an Oculus for himself to use while on business travel. I don’t want to commit to the platform to the degree of getting any more for the house, but we do seriously enjoy both fitness and games on Oculus.  

James prefers to play Beat Saber, but Alli and I use Supernatural for our Oculus workouts

I ordered a pair of water shoes for Boychild since he is going to be kayaking more. If they fit well, I’ll get a pair for myself as well.

We also got him a new PFD safety vest. We are going to let him start kayaking a bit more on his own, but being over-protective 21st century parental figures we don’t want him to disappear into the Chesapeake bay. So we are going to let him paddle around and have some independence within certain bounds, so long as he has his phone in a waterproof case in his vest pocket.

I am looking into Wear OS devices for Alli… She is skeptical because she likes my Apple Watch better than most of the Wear OS systems, but she doesn’t want to switch to an iPhone. Yes, I know that we could do “family setup” on a watch for her, but she also wants to sync fitness data to her Samsung phone. 

Ah, the pains of living in a multi-platform household.