A New Home

10 print(“Hello, World!)

It’s been about a year since I kept a regularly updated blog. There are reasons for that. Some personal. Some work. Some simply a matter of time.

For those of you hoping to see my next novel, you’re probably going to have to wait until at least the fall of 2020. And no, it isn’t Fractured Souls (the long-delayed sequel to Dyson’s Angel). I’m hoping to finish Apocalypse Summer over the summer of 2020 (yes, I know).


I’m going to do my best to not nuke this website again. I’m turning 35 this year and, while I still need the occasional THWACK upside the head or boot in the rear from my brain prodder, friends, or family, I generally have figured things out at this point. I’ve settled on where I draw the line between my teacher name (Andrew Linke) and my author name (Otto Linke), and I think I’ve settled on my authorial/maker branding (Otto Makes).

So, here’s to keeping a basic life blog for the next twenty+ years.

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Cannot wait to see what comes out next. I have about 3 of yours right now that I have not read yet. I’ve been flipping back-and-forth with other books. Keep up the good work with the books.

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