Name: Andrew Linke

Age: 30

Wife: Cecilee Linke

Job: Middle School English Teacher
Virginia State Teaching License Verification

Dream Job: Write stories for a living while sitting under the fruit trees in my garden, drinking tea grown in my green house.

Hobbies: Writing. Tabletop games of all sorts.

Achievements & Honors: Eagle Scout, Troop 234 (2001). Order of the Arrow Vigil Honor, Blue Heron Lodge (2004). Order of the Arrow Founder’s Award, Blue Heron Lodge (2005). First novel (The Staff of Moses) self published in 2012.

Favorite Authors: Madeline L’Engle, Neil Gaiman, Mark Twain, John Grisham, William Gibson, Alastair Reynolds. Strong leanings towards G.K. Chesterton, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and George MacDonald.

Favorite Music: Jars of Clay, Hans Zimmer, Nightwish, and The Crystal Method are reliably favorites, but it is difficult to be more specific. Best to just visit my Last.FM profile and browse by week, month, and year.

Actually me on the web: If it’s not listed here, it’s probably not actually me. I’m not the only Andrew Linke active on the internet.

  • This is my official website. You are looking at it.
  • This is a listing of where you can buy my stories online (change .com to or whatever your country extension is to see the same page on your country’s Amazon store).
  • This is my Smashwords page, where I sometimes post free or pay what you want books.
  • This is my WattPad account. It’s a bit of an experiment. I don’t know that I’ll be using it much, but if people start contacting me over there I guess I’ll get more involved.
  • This is my Google+ profile. It’s where I do a lot of my shorter posts. I’ve also met and started chatting with a couple actual, real-life, professional writers over there, so I am completely hooked. Following or +1ing someone ≠ endorsement of their philosophy or profession.
  • This is my twitter account. It tends to fill up with random comments about books I’m reading or movies that I’m watching. Following, retweeting, or liking a post from someone ≠ endorsement of their philosophy or profession.
  • This is my Goodreads page. I don’t get involved in many discussions on Goodreads, but I do post just about everything that I read, as well as information about my books. It scratches that itch to have a full list of everything I have read.
  • This is my Last.FM profile. I pretty much just use it to track what music I am listening to.
  • This is my real Facebook profile. I don’t friend people I don’t know, coworkers, or students on Facebook, and don’t actually like Facebook that much, so you probably shouldn’t even bother looking here.
  • And here is my Facebook page, where you can follow writing updates (when I remember to bother with Facebook).
  • This is me on Tumblr. It hasn’t been updated in forever and I doubt it will be. Sorry, don’t have enough time.
  • This is my actual wife. She writes stories, composes music, and sews most of her own clothing.
  • Here’s my Ello page. Yeah, I don’t know that this is going to be a thing.
  • I am also active on Steam and BattleNet, but only play with people I know in real life, so I’m not posting my username here.

Someone once called me eclectic.
I agreed.