The Hurricane Approaches

I’m about 120 pages into A Cold Day to Drown and this might be my best story yet. That’s not to say that the first draft is any good. The exact manifestations of Talbot’s anxiety disorder have transformed radically three times. A scene I had planned for months feels completely wooden and will need to be almost completely re-written in the next draft, while two scenes … Continue reading The Hurricane Approaches


You might not be able to tell from the screenshot, but this portion of Evoland plays like a simplified version of the Diablo games, complete with hyperbolic loot titles and a health meter that looks like a glade orb filled with blood. This section of the game is a little frustrating, as even with the magical ring that grants me +10% to grinding, I’ve had … Continue reading Evoland

Judging John

Sometimes you look back on your life and realize that something you’d thought you had been enjoying for a short time has actually been part of your life for many years. In my case, it’s the gentle, but biting humor of John Hodgman. Like many, I remember John from the sweetly snarky Mac/PC Apple advertisements of the early 00s. Later, I enjoyed recognizing his voice as the father … Continue reading Judging John