Judging John

Sometimes you look back on your life and realize that something you’d thought you had been enjoying for a short time has actually been part of your life for many years. In my case, it’s the gentle, but biting humor of John Hodgman. Like many, I remember John from the sweetly snarky Mac/PC Apple advertisements of the early 00s. Later, I enjoyed recognizing his voice as the father … Continue reading Judging John

Introducing Dyson’s Angel

What would happen if our world was destroyed, fractured into a thousand fragments and scattered across the solar system like bits of a shattered toy? That apocalypse is where Dyson’s Angel begins. Over a thousand years before the book opens, probably about two centuries after the time you are reading this, some unknown force entered the solar system and utterly consumed all of the planets. … Continue reading Introducing Dyson’s Angel

Revise that Story

After many days, weeks, even months, you’ve finally reached the end of your story. You have a first draft. Congratulations! Your work is just beginning. If writing is like archaeology, then finishing your first draft is the physical labor of digging up an ancient site. You find a site to dig at (get an idea), hire the best people to crew the dig (figure out your characters), and spend … Continue reading Revise that Story