Andrew Linke is an author of science fiction and adventure novels, role playing supplements, and the occasional graphic novel. He also feels pretentious writing in the third person, and will now switch to a casual first:

My best selling books are the Oliver Lucas Adventures series, which I have been writing since 2012. Featuring a treasure hunting adventure photographer who is pulled into a series of increasingly diabolical situations, these thrilling novels take readers to the depths of a Soviet psychic research station, the blistering deserts of Egypt, and beyond the fragile veil which separates our world from the realm of magic.

You can read all of the Oliver Lucas Adventures on Amazon for free with a KindleUnlimited subscription or purchase the novels individually in eBook and paperback. I’m also producing a free podcast audiobook of the novels, available for download and streaming on the LinkeMedia website.

I’ve also published two science fiction novels, with more in production. Burning in the Void is a story of desperation aboard a failing interstellar space ship. Dyson’s Angel┬áis a cyberpunk space opera set in a universe where the solar system has been destroyed by a cataclysmic alien attack. Both are available for rental on Kindle or can be purchased in print and ebook on Amazon.

A Cold Day to Drown is a dark science fiction novel set in the ruins of an America which has been devastated by global worming and biological terrorism. I’ve finished the first draft of the novel and am working on a graphic novel adaptation as I wait until it’s time to revise the prose text.

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If you enjoy my writing, I encourage (ask? plead? beg?) you to consider backing my Patreon project. Just $1 a month gets you access to my first drafts and early access to ebooks, $3 a month gets you a copy of every novel I publish in paperback and ebook, and $5 a month upgrades that offer to limited edition hardcovers.