The Staff of Moses

The Staff of Moses cover art by Nga Nguyen and Michele Altenkirch.
The Staff of Moses cover art by Nga Nguyen and Michele Altenkirch.

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This is a bit of an experiment. I’m taking a risk by giving away one of my most popular books, but the plain truth is that I don’t make my living from writing (yet), so at most I am losing out a couple of free pizzas a month.

If you enjoy The Staff of Moses, please consider buying it on Amazon (print or ebook) or ordering it from your local bookstore. By supporting my writing you get that warm fuzzy feeling of helping an independent author move one step closer to making a living from his art. Oh, and you also get a version that can be read on an ebook reader and has no ads.

Each chapter of the book is presented as a separate post, which has been paginated to display slightly more text than you would see on an average printed page. Readers are welcome to post comments on each chapter.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Dark Eyes
Chapter 2 – Homecoming
Chapter 3 – Family Ties
Chapter 4 – True Relics
Chapter 5 -Diana
Chapter 6 – Egypt Saved by Joseph
Chapter 7 – Arrival
Chapter 8 – Contact
Chapter 9 – Coffee
Chapter 10 – A New Plan
Chapter 11 – Breakfast
Chapter 12 – Examination Room
Chapter 13 – Elevated Conversation
Chapter 14 – The Nature of Miracles
Chapter 15 – Hittites
Chapter 16 – Breakthrough
Chapter 17 – Into the Desert
Chapter 18 – The Estate
Chapter 19 – Recovery
Chapter 20 – Into the Garden
Chapter 21 – Temple of Death
Chapter 22 – Captured
Chapter 23 – Chopper
Chapter 24 – At Gunpoint
Chapter 25 – Guardians
Chapter 26 – Sacredly Profane
Chapter 27 – Guide and Key
Chapter 28 – Dry Lake
Chapter 29 – The Temple of the Staff
Chapter 30 – Gods and Plagues
Chapter 31 – The Final Deal


To my parents…
for giving me the time to read.

And my wife…
for giving me the time to write.


The Staff of Moses (version 2.1) is Copyright 2016 Andrew Linke. All rights reserved.

Cover Art © Nga Nguyen & Michele Altenkirch

All characters and events in this story, other than characters from ancient history, are fictitious products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental.

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