The Diamond of Souls

When Oliver Lucas catches the eye of an alluring woman at an underground club he is pulled into a deadly adventure that takes him from the decaying industrial towns of the American south, to the mountains of India, to the depths of the Parisian catacombs.

Thrown together by fate, Jeanne asks Oliver to help her find a long lost family gem. He jumps at the opportunity to join in what at first appears to be a simple treasure hunt, but nothing about this jewel, or the woman who wants it, is as it first appears. As the mystery deepens, Oliver’s truce with the Watchers is put at risk as he encounters brutal mercenaries, a deadly cult, and ancient magic beyond his comprehension.

The Diamond of Souls weaves the thrills of a modern adventure tale with the mysterious history of the world’s most famous diamonds.

The novel is available in print and as an ebook on You can also read the entire book online. 

Table of Contents

  1. UnderTaken
  2. Late Night Diner
  3. Brutal Tendencies
  4. Exuded Tobacco
  5. Hunting Dog
  6. A Stolen Legacy
  7. Abandoned America
  8. Beating the Dog
  9. It’s What I Do
  10. Incomplete Data
  11. Wings of Blinding Light
  12. The River Flowed Backwards
  13. Empty Husks
  14. No Spiders
  15. Nowhere in Particular
  16. Measurement Discrepancies
  17. Stay in the Truck
  18. Rust Icicles
  19. Deeper Holes
  20. Just a Puzzle
  21. Bad Air
  22. The Long Wait
  23. Call it Intuition
  24. Ascent
  25. Surfacing
  26. My Turn to Talk
  27. Narrowly Averted
  28. Agony
  29. A Vague Sense of Honor
  30. Café
  31. Six Mission Souls
  32. Not of Cobblestones
  33. The Chapel of Bone
  34. Blood of the Traitor
  35. Pain
  36. The First to Die
  37. Upon the Altar
  38. Through this Door
  39. The Stench of Decay
  40. Several Heartbeats
  41. The Diamond of Souls
  42. Serve My Purpose
  43. Tavernier’s Own Journals
  44. That’s Part of the Problem
  45. Kailasanatha
  46. Three Stones
  47. Guardian of the Stone Door
  48. Desert Camouflage
  49. Mandala
  50. Not Even Chipped
  51. An Open Target
  52. The Forgotten
  53. On a Leash
  54. Stewardship
  55. Revenant