Burning in the Void – Chapter 6

critical _Captain

No, I don’t know why the reactor in shaft three went critical.

I’m not omnipotent.

What? You think that because I’m a god I should know everything that happens within myself? You think that I am somehow responsible for everything? That I could have stopped it?

You are wrong.

Listen, I don’t know how much you understand about nuclear fission reactors, but they are inherently messy, dangerous devices. The engineers who designed me used the best technology available at the time. Each pellet of fuel was coated in a spherical layer of compressed graphite, fed into the reactor by a mechanism that was supposed to be failsafe, whether operating under zero gravity, thrust, or spin gravity.

Of course, those design parameters didn’t account for the reactor operating in the middle of a shooting war, did they?

So, to answer your question, I haven’t a clue why the reactor in sector nine of shaft three experienced a critical failure one hundred and fifteen years ago.

What do you care? It’s not as if you…