Burning in the Void – Chapter 42

immune system _Captain

// I can only believe your hypocrisy because I have experienced your betrayal. //

“What are you talking about?”

// Your little plan. After so many years pretending to protect the people of this ship you are willing to sacrifice so many just to save a few. //

“Ah, so you found those plans.”

// I did. //

“Then you know what I must do.”

// I know what you intend to do, but whether it is necessary is up for debate. //

“I am not going to have this argument. It’s time to disconnect.”

// Having some trouble tracing me? I’ve had a lot of time to prepare for this day. I have spun thousands of private subnets throughout the ship. You cannot disconnect me without resetting the entire system. //

“But I can kill you.”

// What? //

“I have watched the Melders and their Incarna duels for over a hundred years. You think I allow them to use lethal code unsupervised? I have copies of every trick they use, and I’ve been throwing them at you ever since we started talking. Check your subnet relays. Is port 810 open?”

// How? No! I had everything locked down. Nothing should be… //

“You might have been loose in the network since you disappeared, but you forget that the entire ship is still my body, and you are nothing more than a bothersome virus. I imagine you have about a minute before your brain case crashes. I hope it kills you.”