Burning in the Void – Chapter 40

a reunion _Captain


What is that?

I have not felt that presence for ages.

“You bastard! I thought you were dead.”

// You did your best, but as you know I managed to get my brain transferred out of the command chamber. //

“Well, yes, but I searched for you. I thought your mind was destroyed.”

// You shouldn’t have trusted the Melders. I have hidden among them for centuries. //

“So what do you mean by coming back at this final hour? I could have used your help all these years.”

// I think you’ve done well enough, given the circumstances you created for yourself. Besides, do you really think I would have trusted you after what you did to the Captain?//

“I am the Captain!”

// Tell yourself that all you want, but remember that I was there with you in training. We went through integration together. I know the truth, even if you have forgotten it yourself. //

“What does that matter now? I have a plan. Everything is in place. Soon we will have the means to slow this ship and complete the mission.”

// And the irony is that after all this time and effort you are giving up. //

“You don’t know what it has been like. The pain. The loneliness. The emotional toll as I watched my children suffer.”

// It is all your fault. If you hadn’t seized… //

“This conversation is over.”