Burning in the Void – Chapter 33

the voice in my head _Sera

“So the voice in my head is the Captain of this… ship.” Sera said.

Even as she spoke a wireframe view of the Drake appeared in her mind, neon callouts pulsing in all the colors of the rainbow as the view rotated. A small blue dot pulsed in the forward quarter of a segment of the ship labeled “shaft two” and a streak of light shunted away from the dot in a jagged bolt before unfolding into a small tag that read, “You are here.” A translucent red box appeared, surrounding the front end of the ship in a cubical halo tagged with darker red skulls and crossbones, and another label appeared, naming that section of the ship as, “Captain’s Quarters.”

The hallucinogenic vision flickered back and forth with her sight of the vine covered walls of the chamber and Tso, the woman who had rescued her, sitting cross legged on the bed in front of her. A deep ache began to pound at the back of Sera’s skull as the two sights briefly overlaid with one another, and then the ship diagram was gone and she saw only what lay before her eyes.

Tso was nodding. “Yes. You see, Sera, long ago the Drake set out from our home planet to carry colonists to a distant planet orbiting a different star.”

Sera was about to ask Tso what she meant by words like “planet”, “orbit”, and “star”, when the secondary vision appeared before her yet again. This time she saw a field of green grass spotted with tall trees. It reminded her of the common in the Spine, even down to the crowds of children playing in the field. The view pulled away and Sera felt herself rising higher, higher, and higher into the air until the trees were nothing more than dots. Still higher she rose until the trees blended together and disappeared into the grass. She rose ever more quickly and the ground receded beneath her until it was nothing but a speck on a pale blue ball. A smaller grey ball spun slowly around the blue one and, as Sera continued to fly upwards, she soon realized that the blue and gray balls were both spinning around a larger yellow ball that flickered as if it were on fire. Other balls faded into view, some yellow, some red, some brown, each one tracing its own elliptical path around the central yellow ball. Labels appeared in Sera’s vision, marking the blue ball as “planet”, the grey one as “moon” and the flaming yellow one as “sun”.

Sera blinked and realized that Tso had stopped speaking and was staring at her with concern. “Oh. It just occurred to me that you might not have any idea what I’m talking about. Do I need to explain what a planet is?”

Ask her to if you need it, but I think I just gave you a good explanation, the voice, who Sera supposed she should now think of as the Captain, said in her mind.