Burning in the Void – Chapter 30

you might not understand _Captain

I’m not a monster, nor am I an egomaniac, despite what you might think of me after recent events. You have to understand that I am in a unique position, where I hold all the power of a god over the lives of tens of thousands of people, and yet am powerless to help myself.

I need you.

Not as much as you need me. Understand that I could go on living here in the cold dark for thousands of years, barring a collision with some other wanderer in this vast sea of nothing. You, on the other hand, would die without me. Do you remember that sudden feeling of being gripped in a giant, icy hand after the window shattered? Every one of my children would feel that if I were gone.

And you would all die.

You might not understand all of my decisions.

You might hate me.

But I hope you will understand, someday, that I did this all for you.