Burning in the Void – Chapter 26

annihilation _Sera

Darkness surrounded Sera, as hard, sharp, and invasive as the crunch of broken glass beneath bare feet.

It tasted like freshly washed hair and felt like mint.

Tangled ribbons of light traced across the back of her eyes as the thrumming rhythms of her heart slammed against her tastebuds.

Her world flashed white, then cycled through every color she could imagine, and several others that she wasn’t certain were actually colors. Every centimeter of her body shivered through a thousand sensations as wet feathers of fire slithered across her skin and drilled into her pores, then burst out of her fingers and breasts and eyes and toes and ears and nose.

Then, nothing.



Devastatingly obliterative to the degree that she nearly forgot that there had ever been anything of her to feel.

But there was nothing left of her to scream, or even feel afraid, at the realization of her annihilation.

And then she heard the voice.