Afterward and Notes

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Chapter 52

The Forgotten In the center of the cavern, Jeanne’s eyes snapped open to the sight of a gleaming, kaleidoscopic world viewed through the facets of hundreds of small gemstones that covered her face. She screamed as nearly a thousand voices invaded her head at once, each begging to be understood. Some cried out for release. Others sang praises of their own achievements. They told stories … Continue reading Chapter 52

Chapter 51

An Open Target As Jeanne’s fingers slipped between the first of the gems that comprised the swarm, an arc of crackling blue energy pulsed from the stones and wreathed her fingertips in brilliant blue and white light. She pulled her hand back and the wreath of energy crackled and stretched, as if she was pulling her hand away from a shimmering blue and white spider … Continue reading Chapter 51

Chapter 50

Not Even Chipped In the cave of ancient shrines, just beyond the glowing form of the guardian, Parker stepped out of the nook in which he had been hiding and watched the mercenaries strip the camouflage uniform from the dead man. They had entered the cave without incident, despite the weird glowing lights that swirled through the air like wisps of glowing smoke, and discovered … Continue reading Chapter 50

Chapter 49

Mandala Within the stony heart of the cliff, Oliver and Jeanne crept down the passageway that had been revealed behind the enlivened statue. They moved slowly, their progress hampered both by Oliver’s instance on pausing every few feet to check the floor and ceiling ahead for any sign of traps, and by the incredible display of artistry carved into the walls on all sides. Men … Continue reading Chapter 49

Chapter 48

Desert Camouflage Parker pressed the large back binoculars to his eyes and peered over the boulder, watching as the weirdly flickering blue light continued to pour out of the cavern and spill out across the red sands and green, tangled bushes that stood between him and Oliver Lucas. The swirling, undulating patterns of light washed out of the cavern with a weird, voluminous physicality that … Continue reading Chapter 48