Game Mastering: or, the art of herding cats

We’ve all been there: You spend the weekend reading the next chapter of your current role playing module, cross reference all of the NPCs and monsters with their stat blocks and lore connections, come up with a list of potential plot hooks, and build a complex dialogue tree for your players to explore as they interact with the lord of the manor. Or maybe you … Continue reading Game Mastering: or, the art of herding cats

Burning in the Void

A catastrophic engine failure strands an interstellar space ship in the lonely void between solar systems, injures the mission commander, and reawakens old divisions among the crew. Over two hundred years later, the people of the Drake are running out of time, resources, and hope. Sera was an apprentice healer in the Kingdom of Humanity until she turned to forbidden technology to heal a dying … Continue reading Burning in the Void